Friday, December 23, 2005

Man of the year? Amitabh Bachan

For anyone who visits India , the one name and face that's inescable is that of Amitabh Bachan, Arguably the biggest super star to ever grace the silver screen. He is in the twilight of his life and his career is at a fresh pinnacle. Loved and admired by both young and old, he is an advertisers dream in terms of face and brand recall. He has been raking in the moolah through endorsements the way no other celebrity has. He is considered wise humble and grounded by most. So am I making a case for him to be Man of the year?
Far from it. I am drawing a parallel between him and Bono the lead singer of my favorite band U2. Bono was named as the Times Man of the Year along with Bill and Melinda Gates, all of whom in my opinion richly deserve the award. Few amongst us can match the Gates wealth or Bono's celebrity status. What's impressive to me is the unflinching manner that Bono has pursued his objective of obtaining debt relief for poorer nations. Most celebs including Bachan have leant their names to good causes, few have run with a cause the way Bono has.
Mr. Bachan your various movie roles have left an impact on a number of generation of Indians. Isn't it time that you impact their lives in more real ways?
More people as a whole can say they are your fans than ca say they are Bono's.
Is it not time to use that to generate a lasting impact that lasts beyond the fleeting moments of a movie?
You have what you could have asked for. Time to answer a hire calling.

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