Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The NFL can only spare a lousy 1 million

The NFL no doubt one of the richest sporting bodies in america has announced a lousy 1million $ in aid for the victims of the Hurricane Katrina. I am not privy to the numbers, but surely thats even close to 1/2 % of what they make a year. Surely for their sheer visibility they should be seen to be making more of a contribution. Their small mindedness has been exposed by the Yankees announcing a similar contribution. Hopefully the rest of the sporting community i this country wakes up and realises the social burden they should be bearing , a small price to pay for all the money, love, motion and attention the people lavish on them.

Hurricanes and Gas prices rising ... Its Bush's fault

This might sound very leftist, but its probably true. Bush when he came into power, and as a consequence of 9-11 had an opportunity very few have had before him. A country that was united behind him and an international community that would fall in line.
Bush chose to use this consensus by setting aflame the mideast by invading Iraq. Not only is the United States paying a price for his decision in terms of men and material , but the whole world pays a price. The uncertainty of world oil supply and terrorist violence means that speculators are having a field day in imposing a "Uncertainty premium" on the gas we buy.
throughout the Bush administration has taken decisions that seem to defy common sense. Rejecting the Kyoto protocol being one such thing. Greenhouse gases are everyone's problem with the US having to take a major portion of the blame.
Does anyone remember the tax rebates on Hummers?
There has been absolutely no movement (At least in his first 4 years) on moving towards reducing the US domestic consupmtion on fossil fuels. An as if the oil companies are not doing well enuf now they have been given a package to subsidise additional refining capacity. So Mr Bush
if $4 gas becomes a reality(, its ur fault.
And oh yeah Mr Bush , There is such a thing as global warming, and it is supposed to accompanied by dramitic climatic changes. So wake up and do something before we run out of sexy names to give these hurricanes.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Planning for the future.

I have always wanted to do an MBA and from a top univ. I always belived that any job I got would fund that. Now the thing is once u have a little money u get used to certain crature comforts that are not available to a poor student. As a student u don't have the security that u will have a decent pay cheque in the bank at the end of the month. Almost as if to confirm my own doubts, A recent article in Forbes (magazine), highlights how more and more working professionals preffer a part time MBA to a full time one. It then goes on to make a compelling argument about the cost + lost earnings of a full time being way more than a partime(factoring in salary increases).
To that end I realised , maybe its time to start saving rite now for education but under a different head. After one google search I stumbled upon the 529 plans(vary from state to state) . generally benefits include tax deductions to tax credits. U get levied a 10% penalty if ur withdrawal is for non-educational purposes. But its definetly worth a dekko.