Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The NFL can only spare a lousy 1 million

The NFL no doubt one of the richest sporting bodies in america has announced a lousy 1million $ in aid for the victims of the Hurricane Katrina. I am not privy to the numbers, but surely thats even close to 1/2 % of what they make a year. Surely for their sheer visibility they should be seen to be making more of a contribution. Their small mindedness has been exposed by the Yankees announcing a similar contribution. Hopefully the rest of the sporting community i this country wakes up and realises the social burden they should be bearing , a small price to pay for all the money, love, motion and attention the people lavish on them.


Maneesh said...

I agree, with what revenues sporting brings in into this country, it is almost an insult for it to offer 1 mil. Even an independent investor would do that if he has the humanity in him to spare part of his earnings. I was hearing on the radio about this guy who had saved up for this long weekend to take his kid and wife someplace. When he heard about the disaster, he spent all that money to buy utility items from walmart, load them in a U-Haul he hired, and drive it up to the Dome. Now that is humanity.

Maneesh said...

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