Tuesday, May 03, 2005


One of the aspects of living in America is a lesson on how hard people can work. I know that Indians/Chinese asians in general have reputations of working extremely hard. What we tend to overlook is how far the average american would be willing to work. So what allows one to be a success?(I know its a very realtive term, but bear with me while I build my argument ) I bet, hard work mixed with a dose of dreaming .
There are two most interesting individuals who brought this across to me, in vastly different ways.
One is an Indian immigrant who spent his adolecent days in the US. He works as an engineer and yet drives his family taxi on saturdays. I know no one else doing that. The very least I can take from this is work hard and play hard because he does both.
The second was a podiatrist I was visiting. When he heard that I was a s/w programmer , he told me that he himself was a computer buff and he was working on some hardware product with a company in China. Doctors in US are the closet u have to sahibs, yet the man has the time and will to work on something that is quite likely a dream. Again a lesson learnt. U should never be too busy to pursue ur dreams.
Hats off to both guys. I am not sure how long it will last, but I am inspired rite now.