Monday, October 06, 2008

It can only be my fault if I did something right?

That's what Dick Fuld seemed to be implying in testimony to the congressional committee.
I hate to kick a man when he is down, and heaven knows I know enough people who have been effected by Lehman's collapse. But somethings , you can't run away from.
Mr. Fuld might be right in many of his observations about why his venerable institution had to file for bankruptcy, but come on Dick when u've made 1/2 a billion dollars in less than a decade, can't your company at least expect that u wouldn't be asleep at the wheel a this time of crisis?
The very fact that matters were allowed to reach such a state after a full year had been provided as warning(collapse of the Bear Stern funds, that gave the first inkling that something was terribly wrong), reflects poorly on you and other members of the management. Sure you can accept responsibility or you can blame everyone else, but ultimately neither will affect the comfortable life that 1/2 billion dollars can buy.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why the Beast of east might be cut down mid-roar.

Over the first few weeks of the NFL season, there are a few trends that have emerged.
The AFC powerhouses New England and the Colts are not the shoo ins we have all come to expect season after season.
And the NFC east has looked by far the strongest division. So strong in fact that its being assumed in most quarters that the 2 wildcards from the NFC will be from the NFC east.
Now while this is entirely possible, its not a certainty as some would have you believe.
The NFC as a whole after being dominated by the AFC, for most of this decade , is seeing a renaissance.
NFC North will have Minnesota , Green Bay and Chicago in a dogfight, while NFC South has the Saints and the Panthers looking good. Tampa Bay wont be counting itself out of the race just yet.
Now the advantage the other divisions have , is that they have at least one team that they can collectively beat up on. No such luxuries for the beasts of the east. So NFC East fans, don't be too disappointed if an NFC east team with a winning record fails to make the playoffs.