Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Flexing the Guns for the big guns

Usually I never post about anything that happened at work, but I will make an exception in this case.
I was on my way back with a friend from a coffee break. As we got into the elevator, we were joined my two gentlemen in suits. I paid no attention to them, since I work at a bank, and well everyone wears suits.
I dress down by bank standards, usually sticking to a polo and formal trousers.
I also have this rather unfortunate habit of stretching my arms out behind my head.
Unfortunate, since it gives of the impression I am flexing my biceps.
The 2 gentlemen got of on the second and we got off on the fourth floor.
My friend immediately turns around and mentions to me that those 2 gentlemen were the big bosses in our division. Guys I had  only ever seen on video.
So if I don't get a raise this year, at least I can say I tried everything.. Including flexing my guns at the top management(even if it was inadvertent).