Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Donating to the flood victims in Pakistan

This is no appeal to donate to the Flood victims in Pakistan. Despite my opinions, I cannot possibly argue about what you do with your money, I do know I wont be giving to this cause.
I imagine my arguments will be considered small minded and down right cruel. But before you rush to judgement , ask yourself this question, Can the nation of Pakistan take care of its own?
If not why not? Too much money spent on nuclear weapons and supporting proxy wars in India and Afganistan , perhaps?
Can you guarantee that your dollar in charity does not go towards feeding and clothing the next Ajmal Kasab? Its not as farfetched as it sounds, considering how active Terrorist Organizations are in the affected areas.
All these arguments might or might not influence you. But hopefully they will make you think.
Ironic as it maybe my prayers are with the people of Pakistan, but sadly thats all, I am willing to give.