Thursday, September 29, 2005

That's Funny ..

I had a ACL reconstruction surgery Sept 7th. I'll write in detail about the recovery later. I have been on crutches and a brace(that is locked when I walk) for the last couple of weeks. In that period people have mostly asked questions like what happened and the like. Most have made sympateitc sounds as you might expect. But the funniest thing that anyone has said to me was "Run Forrest Run".

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Who should be captain?

Indian cricket is going through a rather rough patch right now. Part of it has to do with the captain coach controversy ongoing between Saurav Ganguly and Greg Chappel.
A lot of this has to do with the unique position a captain enjoys in cricket. In most other sports major decisions are left to the coach on the sidelines. These range from strategic decisions to team composition. Cricket up until now has been different since the captain has such an on field role in terms of bowling changes , field placements etc. However players with on field ear pieces being given instructions by the coach can remedy that. The arguments in favor of this are many. Why burden a singlre individual with so much responsibility when he is also responsible for his own play. Not every captain suffers a slump in personal form on taking over the captaincy mantel. But there are enough who do , to warrant this change. Maybe Hansie had it right along. This will allow each team to always present thier most balanced side rahter than worry about wether they were making a long term change each time they felt tempted to leave out the captain for a lack of form.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Damn it when did u get so slow

For those struggling with an ever slower computer, my suggestion is fork out the dough and buy a new one. But till that glorious day arrives u can get by on these tips.

Speed Up your Comp

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Trump solution

I am sure The Apprentice is an extremely popular program. I could never actually bring myself about to watch however. donald Trump whatever his many successes never struck me as a truly visionary, business leader of any kind. And finally my gut instinct was proven by the Don homself. His take on the high gas prices after Hurricane Katrina. The Saudi's are pushing up the gas prices on us. They are laughing at us. We are'nt sending the right people to negotiate with them. Since they depend on us we must be able to determine oil prices. This line will get u a few claps on a talk shows but Donald economics 101 if u had taken it would have told u price is a consequence of demand and supply. The Saudi's owe America enough to be pumping away the best they can. So will anyone else who has the capacity to exploit the prevailing high oil prices. Unlike in the 80's no organization has stepped in to curtail world oil supplies. Its just that we are getting whats available and it isn't enough. But Don the world is laughing at the US. Its laughing at its SUV's.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Do not call us we'll call u

Starting Sept 1st telemarketing companies can call on ur cellphone.To prevent this from happening u can call up the do not call list and register ur number. I just did it today after a colleague of mine recieved a call from some company
the number is 1-888-382-1222.

So that where the quota went

I got this of the INS website FAQ page.
What is an H-1B?
The H-1B is a nonimmigrant classification used by an alien who will be employed temporarily in a specialty occupation or as a fashion model of distinguished merit and ability.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Off to Atlanta

I am off to Atlanta this long weekend to have the pleasure of paying $5 for a gallon of gas. I am going to attend a friends reception. And hopefully have a ball the other 3 days as well. I get all worked up about such holidays and want to take so much stuff with me , making so many plans not nearly half of which materialize. Well this time I am targeting the Health club,swimming pool and tennis(in addition to whatever sight seeing/night life/outdoors we can do as a group. Hope Airtran is spending enuf on the upkeep of their planes since this is the first time I fly airtran.
I'll be going in for my ACL surgery the very next day after I am back. So no sports for a long time after that.

Thursday, September 01, 2005