Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Trump solution

I am sure The Apprentice is an extremely popular program. I could never actually bring myself about to watch however. donald Trump whatever his many successes never struck me as a truly visionary, business leader of any kind. And finally my gut instinct was proven by the Don homself. His take on the high gas prices after Hurricane Katrina. The Saudi's are pushing up the gas prices on us. They are laughing at us. We are'nt sending the right people to negotiate with them. Since they depend on us we must be able to determine oil prices. This line will get u a few claps on a talk shows but Donald economics 101 if u had taken it would have told u price is a consequence of demand and supply. The Saudi's owe America enough to be pumping away the best they can. So will anyone else who has the capacity to exploit the prevailing high oil prices. Unlike in the 80's no organization has stepped in to curtail world oil supplies. Its just that we are getting whats available and it isn't enough. But Don the world is laughing at the US. Its laughing at its SUV's.

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