Friday, August 29, 2008

And you have the right not to be .....

I read a story today about how the Supreme Court of India had to clarify that just because a woman had a past history of promiscuity, it did not give anyone the licence to engage in intercourse with her without her consent. I am not sure how to react. The Supreme Courts judgement though right calls into question how such a defence was mounted in the first place.
The Supreme court's intervention was required because the High Court acquitted the accused on the basis of the past sexual history of the victim.
We are not talking about some Kangaroo Court. That the High Court of an Indian state can pass such a judgement is appalling and outrageous and sadly betrays a very unenlightened view of a woman's role in society But more imoportantly it takes away a more fundamental right, a right not to be sexually assaulted under any pretext.

Irony if there was any

I recently read a story about Barak Obama's half brother who grew up in Kenya.
I wonder if only I am struck by the irony of Barak Obama's father , naming the son who was to grow up in Kenya George Obama, while naming his son who was to grow up to be canidate for President of the United States, Barak Hussien Obama.
Can't imagine little Barak had it easy in school, but it sure has payed of now. Barak is now uber cool, while George well, that name isn't doing to well right now, along with Dubya and Bush.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The democrats are coming!

I just finsished listening to Hillary's speech at the Democratic convention. The convention closed with a prayer from a Korean pastor from Colarado.
So now that the democrats have the Korean vote sewed up, now the heat is on for the Republicans!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Phelps is the greatest But .....

The Beijing Olympics is drawing to a close and depending on which country you reside in, each has a certain view of the story of the Olympics.
In the US , its been Phelps all the way with the 'Redeem Team' serving as a sidebar.
Now if the US men's basketball team had failed to secure the gold , then that would have garnered a lot more media coverage.
I hate being a sourpuss and at the same time, I do beleive that Phelps has done the unfathomable, But .....
It has to be said that the number of medals awarded in various discplines is disproportionate. Swimming is a case in point. They have medals for the free-style,butterfly,breaststroke,backstroke in various permutations and combinations of distances. Which basically allows a phenom like Phelps to have an almost disproportionate impact on the Olympics. Team sports such as Basketball,Hockey,Volleyball have one medal for their trouble.
And for those who don't beleive that medals don't count, well just repeat that to your self slowly in ftont of a mirror, and I guarantee you will burst out laughing.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Delusions of Granduer

Now this post is about the Olympics, and for once I couldn't think of an eye catching title that would say it all.
I have been following the Olympics though not as closely as others. Swimming doesn't exactly get my pulse racing as a spectator sport and that seems to have been the story of the Olympics, if you live in the States.
So while we were all collectively obsessing over Phelps, his feats his , his diet and his i-pod playlist, China has taken an unassailable lead at the top of the medal standings.
The thing is you wouldn't be able to tell, since most of the medal standings on American websites are sorted by total medals, rather than gold medals as it has been for the ages.
All you need to do is pull up a non us website and you see the truth for what it is, the winner in these games has been crowned. And it ain't U-S-A.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Father time comes calling

When life passes by at the rate if knots its often tough to fathom how we age.
But there are always somethings that remind you. Whether its the impeding retirement of a childhold sporting favorite, or the hearth throb who now plays mom roles in movies.
I can safely say that every Indian old enough to follow cricket from the early nineties, will collectively get that feeling about time having flown, when the inevitable happens, and India's favorite son Sachin Tendulkar retires from the game of cricket.
Indian crickets misery will be compounded by the fact that the rest of the Indian batting middle order is around the same age as Tendulkar. The firm of Ganguly,Laxman and Dravid have been eased out of the one day set up and the time approaches, when they we will no longer be able to delight in their exploits on the cricket field.
Test cricket played over 5 days expose the tiniest of weaknesses and can be a brutal to a young team. So the Indian administrators have the unenviable task of easing out these greats gradually, though individually , it might not be fair to set one and not the other out to the pasture.
The Indian in the past year or so have been nauseatingly following a familiar script, where the runs are scored by opener Sehwag and if the bowlers do well we win. If either or both these elements fail we end up on the losing end.
In the latest tour of Sri Lanka, the middle order has collectively failed. And to add insult to injury, the fielding has been unspectacular.
I am not sure who will draw the short straw, but to save Indian cricket the pains of losing a generation of its best at the same time, we have to do something very un-indian and show the door to a legend before his time.
I am not sure who that would be be, but its guaranteed to be painful.