Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Carbon Credits for air travel.

A while back I read that taking a single long distance flight was worse in terms of carbon emissions than driviing an SUV for a full year(for a single person).
And I said to myself, yeah right, what do you want me to do about that.
After all man has been travelling ever since we learnt to walk erect I imagine.
And which damn fool would be willing to shell out money on buying offsets after spending a fortune on a ticket. Well out of curiosity I checked how much it would cost me at this website.
http://www.terrapass.com/. Turns out its not the bundle I thought it would be.
A return trip from New york to Delhi would set you back by $40. Not exactly chump change. But possibly 1/30 the price of the ticket.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Afganistan Idol Ok, but no Dancing with the stars.

Not one nation questioned the American(coalition) invasion of Afghanistan.
Ridding Afghanistan of the Taliban seemed like a good idea to most.
Stories routinely came out citing how regressive the Taliban was, they banned music on the radio for , dancing on tv. They were intent on taking back Afghanistan into the Stone Age.
So most supported the notion that America had done the right thing.
Now almost 6 years later. Where does Afghanistan stand?
Well I'll keep it short.
Afghanistan's fledgling Parliament just passed a law banning dancing on television.
Need I say more?
As they say the path to Hell is littered with good intentions.