Saturday, January 02, 2010

I am either really lucky or really unlucky

For the last month and a half the locker rooms in my gym have had to be shared between the men and women. So men have had the locker room on even days and women on odd days.
This sad state of affairs finally ended today when the men's locker room finally opened after renovation. After a particularly exhausting workout I headed to the locker room, not entirely focussed. I walk in and see a woman in their. It still took me a moment to realise , what had just happened. At which point i involuntariy screamed "shit" and turned tail and ran. As I contemplated what had just happened, I thanked my stars that there was only one woman in there, who did'nt seem to notice me(untill that scream). She was onld and fully clothed(Thank God!) ....
As a second thought would I mind terribly if it was someone younger and not quite so fully clothed? I guess we'll never know.