Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Celebrity spotting

This weekend on saturday, I had gone to the Time Square AMC to watch the new George clooney starrer Syriana. While waiting for my friend to turn up, I saw a bunch of Indians walk in. Amongst them I could recognise from the screen, Karan Johar (hindi movie director) and Rani Mukherjee(actress). I should have asked for an autgraph to prove that I saw them, but then I thought that It would be better to let them enjoy their anonymity. This would in no way have been possible in India. I found it amazing how ordinary these celebs looked. I guess we expect them to dazzle us the way they do on screen, but when that does'nt quite happen it tends to surprise.

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Ellen said...

So they looked uglier in person?
I saw Jason Priestly, Leelee Sobiewski(?) and that guy from Knight's Tale (I saw him in Carroll Gardens). Jason looked ordinary b/c of the car accident (damaged his face) and the other male actor looked like just another pretty boy in Brooklyn, but cuter in person than on-screen. Leelee looked much prettier in person too.
I think you should've said hi and asked for pic b/c they were in America and it would've been nice to be recognized outside of your country.