Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Family tradition

Somehow my family has never believed in the power of the written word over the spoken word. I would be quite surprised if I learnt that my father had a letter writing phase in his life. He would much rather use the phone. Fair enough in the good old days it was a heck of a lot faster to call than to write now with the advent of email ,that excuse no longer exists. So we have conveniently evolved a new family tradition. My dad tells my mom to send me an email, and then calls me to make sure I got it. Who said that email wasn't guaranteed. Now this wouldn't be quite as fun, if I didn't do the same. So as per family tradition , when I write an email , I wait for 3 days and then call.

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bluesman said...

I can't believe you would call to check if an email has reached. Whats so important in your mail anyways :).

Oh I was wondering what core are u talking about in your url. Not your happy spot ;) right