Friday, December 02, 2005

Its all politics says Bush

You can credit President Bush with one specific quality. When he picks up a theme he rides it into the ground. Well his latest theme is that he will not yield to political pressure to withdraw from Iraq. Not yielding to political pressure in support of your beliefs is not necessarily a bad thing. But when u put things in perspective it does strike you. Was is not politics that led Bush into Iraq in the first place? So why is not a good enough reason to withdraw from there. President Bush has put the United States in the posiition of heads I win tails you lose.
Yes the people of this country were by and large behind him when he entered Iraq , but that support was mostly secured on the back of the tragic events of 911 and Bush and co drawing tenous links between Iraq and Al Qeuada. False eveidence was placed in front of the UN no less. This administration used every means fair and foul to influence public opinion in its favor.
So now when public opinion has turned against them they take a moral high ground. We wont leave a job unfinished. A withdrawl will be disrespecting those lives already lost. So whats the solution, more bullets and more bodies. A mess has been created and someone's got to take the rap for it. But it sure ain't gonna be Bush, he does'nt have a 3rd term anyway.

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Ellen said...

Have you ever reacted in a state of panic? It's quite different from the ones that are carefully thought out with much time passed for reasonable voice inside your mind.

I think everyone agrees we should w/draw the troops but Bush is just stubborn man who may be seeing another lost cause like we had w/Vietnam. Will he ever achieve productive results from all of this? Probably not!

P.S. are you a democrat? better be! :)