Thursday, November 03, 2005

Quite right Vijay

This is response to my friend Vijay leaving a comment on my last post. Vijay's point is that I am being harsh when it comes to saying let the Pakistani's look after their own after their earthquake, while India sits on the sidelines. Yes it is harsh but it has a basis. The Pakistani Leaderships mindset can be ascertained from one famous statement that Zulfikar Bhutto made when he was PM. "We will eat grass, but we will make the bomb."
Rather than looking after the well being of their people they want to buy bigger and better guns to beat India with. I know this is a great diplomatic opportunity.(not to speak of the humanitarian or moral aspect)
But do we really want the money we give them to end up as bullets in Indian bodies? or rdx in delhi's bazaar's? In an ideal world India would help Pakistan and we'd become friends. Do u really see that happening?

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Vijay said...

The Bhuttos are history! Am not saying Musharraf is the most straight-forward, friendly, honest Pakistani premier, but its not for us to judge their politics. Blame me for being an idealist, but if we keep staying stuck on the issues, there will no way forward for the 2 countries. Kashmir is and will continue to be an issue for the foreseeable future, but then don't you think we should move forward helping each other out and hopefully, if some trust develops and the feeling of ill-will reduces, someday Kashmir may not be such a big issue. No money, but aid nevertheless - can we agree on that? :) (like you and me agreeing is gonna be of any use in the bigger scheme of things? :)).