Wednesday, November 16, 2005

New Jersey: It's cheaper than New York ....

When I first started working in NYC, my residence was over in New Jersey. The commute to work was 45 mins and it seemed to make a lot of sense since you did'nt have to pay City tax unlike NYC. But I always noted the kind of caste system that existed. Manhattanite's looked down upon everyone else and city dweller's in general frowned upon New Jersey. Quite likely the reputation was undeserved. In order to promote New Jersey, Gov. Cody decided to have a slogan contest. Here were some of the pearls that emerged.
"New Jersey: Got a problem With that?"
"Come to New Jersey -- Its not as bad as it smells"
"New Jersey we tax the $#!@ out of you"
"New Jersey and you going broke Together"
"You're from New Jersey What exit"
When I forwarded this story to friends another gem emerged. A collaborative effort between my friends Parth vasa and Deepak Rao.
"New Jersey , Its Cheaper than New York, But it still ain't worth it."
Lets see you come up with a better one.


bluesman said...

New Jersey? Where exactly is New Jersey again ??

Anonymous said...

New Jersey , drive the %^$^ around at God's and other Motorist's mercy !!!