Friday, November 25, 2005

'B' as in ball

At lunch time I decided to order food over the phone. The lady at the other end quite presumably asian asked for my name and thats when the fun started.
For some strange when I say 'Pradyot' some people hear 'Bra..whatever I lost u'.
So I started to spell out my name the usual P as in Paul R as in razor etc.
Now this has never happened to me. The lady at the other end repeats 'B' as in Ball . After screamin 'P' enuf times to attract attention at work, I quitely handed over the phone to my chinese co-worked who procceded to tell the lady my name. And this time she did'nt have to spell it out.


Anonymous said...

u should say your name is PD or P. Diddy, might get stuff for free ;)

Vijay said...

Can you imagine what an ordeal it must be to spell my last name, all 16 characters of it?!

Parth said...

Try P for Philly, maybe, or Peking-Duck. These days I just lie about my name and make it something stupidly desi like Adi, or Arjun or something.