Saturday, November 19, 2005

Victims of B61 unite.

Consider this as an option walk in the cold for a little over 20mins or wait for the bus in the cold for 10mins. There is no winning here. Should you choose to walk after exactly 10 mins when u are half way home , the bus whizzes past you. Should you choose to wait the bus will unfailingly show up after half an hour, which means that you have not only frozen ur b*#$s off but you are also kicking yourself for not having walked.
You have to salute the B61 the bus route in question that never follows any other pattern.
The tardiness of MTA finally pissed me off enough to ask the bus driver how come the bus was half an hour late. Instead of a half decent reponse he retorts how do u know i am not on my schedule. As would be expected from any arrogant and uncaring government employee. We got into a shouting match which ended in the only way possible, with him asking me to get off the bus if I did'nt stop talking. I did get off after getting close enough. Hey I did'nt want him driving past my bus stop when i rang the bell now did I?

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