Sunday, October 23, 2005

Don't repeat past wrongs

The recent earthequake that hit Kashmir(both Indian and Pakistani parts) has caused enought devastation on the Pakistani side to make the Pakistani President complain about the rate at which international monies are pouring for rebuilding and reconstruction. His estimates of $5 billion will not draw any challenge from me. What I'd like to say however , is that India must avoid the temptation of rushing in with any commitment for the reconstruction effort. I'd take an educated guess that any money we give Pakistan will be used to buy weapons to be used against us and to fund their unholy war(How any war can be holy escapes me). Humanitarian supplies is one thing , money is a whole different thing. A nuclear power state should have the wherewital to generate resources for its own reconstruction. One thing is for sure, that money is'nt coming frm the US, already stretched by Iraq,Afganistan and Katrina. Lets see wether they can maintain their aggresive postures while their countrymen live out in the open this bitter winter.


Vijay said...

Seems a tad harsh. As much as I agree with you that giving out money is not the way to go, a silver lining with this earthquake may be an opportunity for India to reach out and help. It surely is not enough to just say that we should peacefully co-exist, its a chance for India to do its bit as a responsible neighbor.

bluesman said...

Well India has pledged some amount to aid the victims.

Still its going to be a tough surviving the winter for ppl in POK (not to mention the ppl in J&K)

Ann said...

I was trying to mail you and it was returned. Can you send me your email? Hope all is well.