Thursday, January 26, 2006

Say a little prayer for ...

Once in a while as an Indian living and working abroad I allow myself the luxury of a little hand wringing at the goings on back home(without getting into the "If u have a problem come back and solve it OR shut up" argument).
As most would have concluded there is really not much of a difference to the common man no matter who is in power. But there is something about the current arrangement that runs the nation that stinks to high heaven. So lets briefly examine our players.
Dr. Manmaohan Singh
The Saint-Scholar who can truly claim to be one of Modern India's Champions. A follower of Mahatma Gandhi no doubt, Dr singh neither hears any evil nor sees it.
Our Prime Minister would have us believe he is powerless in the face of the vile abuse of power his cabinet colleagues (and other notable party colleagues)indulge in. Funny thing is I believe him.
Mrs Sonia Gandhi
Last Known educational qualification: A course not amounting to a degree in English.
Last job declined: The Prime Minister of India.
Current job: Giving orders to The Prime Minister of India.
Forseeable goals for the future : Perpetuating rule of the Gandhi-Nehru dynasty for the next 50 years.
The Rest
The overenthusiastic Nehru-Gandhi family sycophants, who operate in what appears to be a total lack of responsibility to both cabinet and country. The only game in town seems to be to see
who can curry favor with the Nehru-Gandhi's. It reminds me of medivial times where local cheiftains would compete with one another to present expensive gifts at the Emperor's Court.
Nothing much has changed. The people of India can be won over by promising things that will never be delivered. But his congress regime is atleast nuanced enough to realise that they might be better served in giving Manmohan and his finance minister a free(er) hand in deciding policy so that the coffers are full. This money ofcourse will be used to buy votes one way or another.
So my friends who wud rather I shut up . Like someone i know says "What would you have me do?"

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