Monday, January 02, 2006

Boxing class

I took my first boxing class at NYSC after my friend Maneesh testified to its positive impact on the abs. Ofcourse Maneesh was paying a gorgeous personal trainer some serious dough for the privilege(sorry Maneesh I cud'nt resist).
Mine was a group class. For the last year and a half of going to NYSC, the only other group exercise class I took was Pilates. For some reason, I always feel the need to add that I took it to enhance my flexibility, and yes I was the only guy in the class. Much harder than u think. I felt the boxing class was way to intense, to the extent of being manic. Today's experience enhanced that image. But it was worth it. I learnt the left jab and the big right. Most of the class was spent doing sit-ups,squats and push-ups.
The instructor would ask us to unleash a sequence of punches. If u screwed up more push ups. And I screwed up a lot. One of the more amusing/disturbing parts of the class was the sparring between the instructor and some of the students he selected. The instructor had pads while the students had gloves. And some of them got the instructor in pretty embarrassing positions. I'd hat to be in that position. One lucky punch and that guy would come after me like there's no tomorrow.

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