Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Can't beat em so join them

I know I bitched about it cloud no. 9: Rage against the ipod. But I had to get it, so I went ahead and got myself an ipod video 30Gb and black. What I really hate about apple is their pricing strategy(I cud'nt contain myself). The 512Mb shuffle is $99 good for the gym, but wont allow u the luxury of playlists. The 1Gb shuffle is the same way at $150 and for an additional $50(thwts $200 for those who are counting) u can get an ipod nano . Now an ipod nano comes in 2 GB and 4Gb. At $300 the ipod video (all 3-0 Gb of it)seemed like the only way to go. Congrats Apple u won the mind game and I just did what u wanted me to.

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