Sunday, January 15, 2006

How many human lives make a holocaust

Talk about quixotic tendancies, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seems to have them in plenty. His latest venture is a conference to 'investigate' the holocaust carried out by the Nazis in much of Europe under thier occupation during World War II.
Surely Iran and its people have bigger problems than arriving at the exact number of dead jews it takes to define a holocaust. I must admit as an outsider looking in , I never quite understood the US and west's unstinting support to Israel against the Arab's who possess oil.
I can understand why the United States clear tilt towards Israel clearly upsets a lot of the Muslim world. I guess they would appreciate a somewhat neutral approach.
But this frustration is manifesting itself in strange and unproductive ways. This joke that the Iranian's call a conference will not prove their case, nor make any progress towards resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict. All it will achieve is that hawks in the west and Israel will point at such immature acts on the part of Iran and ask "U want to deal with this joker?".
After the occupation of Iraq , and the virtual vassal status that the other Arab states(and Pakistan) enjoy with the US, Iran is keen to grab the mantle ofcthe Muslim World's leadership.
A good start would be to speak with a voice of moderation and maturity. If that proves too tough, just try not to make an idiot of yourself.

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