Friday, June 02, 2006

Talk about ringtones

The cellphone is a wonderful device loved and reviled in equal proportion.
A lot of the hate directed towards the cell phone is thanks to ring tones that can range from the humorous to the ridiculous.
This year around January when Winter was at its peak, I changed my ring tone to birds chirping. I guess I was yearning for spring. That wheel has turned a full circle, i have managed to irritate a lot of people to the point that someone actually called me tarzan :)


Anonymous said...

saw your name on CNN so i googled your blog. you should write a post discussing the story.

Anonymous said...

u said it!usually ur character is judged by the friends u make/keep.but now it is more about the ring tones u down load for ur cell phone.very recently ,when i called up a friend,i was amused to hear a very popular number as the ring tone.the ring tone did not quite match with the character of this friend. it just took one ring tone for me to question my own judgement!