Friday, May 12, 2006

The Vatican moves moves an inch .. oh well almost

Today morning on the subway I was actually awake enough to flip through the Time magazine I had brought along with me. I read an article about how the Vatican had not changed its stand on contraception. It was mostly about a move by the moderates in the Vatican to move towards a position which would acquience to the us eof contraception in certain situations such as "condom use in a marriage to prevent the spread of HIV" .
The article went on to talk about how this move was struck down by the conservatives who had earlier wrested control with the election of Pope Benedict.
I find it shocking that the Catholic Church or for that matter any other authority feels its competent to tell people how to fight a deadly disease such as HIV. I don't understand how you can preach to the rest of the universe when the Catholic Church has such a hard time keeping their flock in line. People in other spheres of life have been dealt far more harshly even if a hint of a charge of child molestation was brought against them.
Well what do I know I am destined to eternal damnation for not worshipping at the Catholic Churh anyway.


bluesman said...

I'm just glad that the vatican actually recognized that something called a condom could be useful and it actually exists (after a few centuries of its use). It's always been satan's tool to prevent future catholics saviours to be born.

My bro recently attended a church session (dont know what faith). The pastor apparently made this proclamation - For all those who believe in the "theory" of evolution, when jesus christ (PBUH) is resurrected you will all go to hell.

Maneesh said...

I was watching a news article on CNN yesterday, where a catholic school fired their teacher because she conceived via IVF. I consider this appaling...I did study in a Catholic school for most of my life, but atleast they did not shove these beliefs down our throat. I consider them to be at par as extremists as some Islam followers these days.