Monday, June 26, 2006

5"9+ faithful , dependable , music lover.

Today in the subway as usual I was listening to my ipod and nodding off. At Grand Central there is always a lot of people getting off and a girl got into the seat next to me. Immediately she whipped out a notebook and started writing what looked like a list. From the length of the list she had been working on it for a while. She proceeded to finish one A4 sheet and moved on to the next and made it all the way through the middle of that page.
I caught a glimpse of the lsit ofcourse. And these are the things I can reproduce from memory.
5 '9+ , faithful, dependable , music lover, successful.
Somehow I feel this wasn't a list to select a puppy.
To all guys out there, thats what we are expected to live up to. A list that spans 1 1/2 A4 pages.
Never mind that we'll still will always be no 2 after Brad Pitt. No matter that the list writer is no Angelina Jolie either.


Maneesh said...

did it occur to you that she was actually describing you ;)

Perla Zhemchuzhina said...

Well, Maneesh, we don't know if he lives up to the entire list... ;)

teju said...

so tat's wat u think it takes...1 1/2 A4 sheets to filter down the guys..if only it was tat easy..:)

Latha said...

So whats wrong if her priorities are a 5'9", faithful, dependable, successful. She's asking for the least a woman wants in a healthy relationship.( except the 5 9 stuff, which ofcourse is her personal preference).

Is it like you've no requirements in a partner of your own?

She's not like she's asking superficial stuff like, should own a boat, should be a comedian, even if he works in philosophy,should spoil me with gifts that can be mocked !

Pradyot Dhulipala said...

Ha , The joke was the size if the list not so much the specifics. I imagine the other comments were posted eons ago, but to awnser Maneesh, buddy u know I am taller than 5"9(it says so on my profile right?)