Friday, November 23, 2012

A Medley of Absurdity

The only surviving terrorist from the 26/11 attack on Mumbai has finally been executed.
The coverage in the Indian media has been breathless about 'Operation X'. Every detail of the execution is being laid out with pride, almost like this was the equivalent of the Operation to kill Osama Bin Laden.
As absurd as all this coverage might be, I guess it makes sense when you think about how low the perception of the present UPA government is. Sure this is something to crow about.
Another aspect of absurdity is people bursting crackers and distributing sweets, like this was some joyous occasion. He was always going to hang, the real culprits, the planners are still living their normal lives freely.
Talking heads will likely hold this up as a moment of pride for our democracy, which allowed even a terrorist the right to a free trial and due process. If anything it should be a matter of shame for us, that it took us nearly
4 years and 290 million rupees to convict a man where there was no dearth of evidence, or for that matter no doubt about his guilt.
Finally there are those who believe we should not have executed Kasab.
Here are the reasons advanced:

1. Capital Punishment is barbaric and abhored by world option.
 My Response: There are certain people, who through their acts, give up all right to be treated with humanity and compassion. Would life in prison be enough for Anders Behring Breivik? Other than a misplaced moral superiority , what else is to be gained, by not executing them. Rather than waste precious resources looking after these monster, in prison, I think it is in the interest of the public, to execute them.

2.The death penalty is hardly a deterrent for a jihadi, who is motivated to achieve 
My Response: True. But that is the law. We cannot cater the deterrent to the individual deviant.

3.He would serve as a prosecution witness in any future trial of the LET chief and the planners of the 26/11 attacks.
My Response: So your argument is keep him around for a trial that will never happen? Short of coercive action on India's part or giving Pakistan Kashmir, these individuals are never going on trial in India or anywhere else. As with most of India's enemies, its best to wait for time to take its toll, on them.

In conclusion. We should not be patting ourselves on our backs for doing what should have been done.
If I may adress the professional bleeding heart liberal, guys, really , this was the worst possible moment to stick your neck out for your principles. Its not like you guys have terrible ideas all the time. Its just that your timing sucks. And you have terrible ideas most of the time. 

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