Saturday, April 09, 2011

Rage against the .....

Pick the object of your choice to complete my incomplete title. We have all felt rage and anger, and those we care about and those we don't care about. About those things in life we can't control and those things in life we wish we had done differently. But if you look at it closely enough, rage is all about yourself. Its a choice you make. You can chose to let things go, but you don't always.. Sometimes you let them linger, till they explode.
Why am I suddenly doing a Dr Phil, on rage?
I was at the gym the other day on the elliptical and watched a video of Chris Brown(Forever).
I absolutely loved the song when it came out. And watching the video, reminded me of the enormous potential the 19 yr old Chris Brown had as an entertainer.
Why do I talk about it in the past tense? He is probably only 22 and probably hasn't forgotten how to dance or sing.
He let a moment of rage label him forever, when he beat up Rihanna. And now anytime anyone thinks of him, it will be in that context.
Does he deserve a second chance ? Everybody does. How about anyone of us? Do we deserve second chances? Maybe. But it is a given , that we will get it? I think the awnser to that one is obvious.
So rage all you want against a punching bag in the gym, or how unfair the BCS ranking system is, but before you direct some of that rage at the people around you.. take a deep breathe.. and let it go..

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