Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rehabbing from my second ACL(Knee) reconstruction surgery

I went in for an ACL reconstruction on my right knee on Jan 17th 2011. The procedure was performed by Dr Robert Marx at the HSS.
Today is T+8 days since surgery and I am able to walk around without crutches for the most part. I have to keep the crutches as a precaution. I have started physiotherapy today. I have also been following the exercies outlined in the "Knee Crisis Handbook". I started going to the gym a few of days back and have not missed a a single day since.
I have decided to maintain some sort of a record of my activities on this blog, so it might be of some help to others in a similar situation.
So far as far as the PT goes I have focused on
  1. Leg raises.
  2. Heel Slides
  3. Leg extensions
  4. Quad Sets
Other exercise not related to my rehab I have been able to do are
  1. Bench Press
  2. Upright Rows
  3. Preacher / dumbbells curls.
  4. pushups
  5. lat bar pulldowns.
So far the focus has just been on figuring out what I can do , without putting my surgically impacted knee at any risk or discomfort.
By the weekend I intend to try pilates. I am not able to bend my knee comfortably, but there should be more than enough exercies I should still be able to do.
The PT has also promised to try out cycling and a whole other bunch of exercises the next time I see him. 


Claudia said...

Did he use an allograft for the 2nd reconstruction? I have surgery with Dr. Marx next month (my 2nd ACL reconstruction) and am very nervous about the use of a cadaver graft. Thanks so much.

Claudia said...

Hi, I'd like to get in touch with you re: your surgery. I have surgery with Dr. Marx in Jan... using allograft. Am very nervous about that.