Thursday, November 12, 2009

What a season for the Giants

If you follow Giants football, you are probably wondering about what happened to your previously solid looking team. Not that they can always be relied on, but the reports out of training camp and the Team's performance in the first 5 games meant that everyone assumed that the Giants were a contender for the Suerbowl and at the very least a shoo-in for the playoffs. Now 4 heartbreaking losses later and staring at an extremely tough schedule, no one really knows where the next win is going to come from.
There is plenty of blame to go around and most of it has been laid at the door step of an under-achieving defence and the new DC Bill Sheridan.
Surely you can't admit your QB is not a top 10 QB rigth after signing him to a huge year contract.
If you've watched the last 4 games you would have seen this pattern repeating itself.
The Giants offence comes out and has a series of 3 and outs, Feagles comes out to punt the ball to near mid field and the opposition proceed to merrily score after driving 50 yeards or less.
Want proof?
How is this for proof. The Giants defence is 1st overall in the NFL in yards conceded but 21st in terms of points. So its obvious that while the opposition is scoring , they are not racking up the yards, since Eli and Feagles are conspiring to the give the gift that keeps on giving, field possition.
So before you get on OC and Tuck, maybe apporition the blame to where it truly belongs.

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