Friday, January 16, 2009

When will the British realise that the Sun has set on the British empire?

In an article published today in Britain’s The Guardian newspaper, Miliband wrote that during his visit to South Asia, he would be arguing that the “best antidote to the terrorist threat in the long term is cooperation”. “Although I understand the current difficulties, resolution of the dispute over Kashmir would help deny extremists in the region one of their main calls to arms, and allow Pakistani authorities to focus more effectively on tackling the threat on their western borders,” he wrote. ---Indian Express
That, David Milband had the temerity to offer such prepoterous advice(given the background of the terror attacks in Mumbai, should come as no suprise. After all the British do beleive that different standards apply to them and their masters The United States.
Mr Milband if you start going down the path of "denying extremists of their main calls to arms"
You might have to start with telling the US to withdraw from Iraq, and Afganistan and abandon its bases in Saudi Arabia.
Oh yeah don't forget to mention that the Americans and the rest of the western world should probably not support Israel, since not a lot of extremists like that.
And last but not the least, the western world should probably take up Islam en masse, since the extremists do aim at world domination, why allow them that clarion call? Why not lay down our arms and prostrate ourselves.
Try selling that to western audience Mr Milband.
What did you say? No can do?
Well then don't try forcing that drivel down Indian throats.
Sure you ruled us for 200 or so years, and we have'nt gotten over it completely,
but we do count for more in todays world than you. So as the Brits say bugger off mate.

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