Monday, April 16, 2007

32 young lives extinguished

32 young lives extinguished,
with each died hopes and dreams of a future so bright,
32 families in pain, so much anger so much pain.

There will be prayers there will be candles,
There will be Talk of healing and moving on.
None of which can dull the anger or the pain.
Anger unlike pain is a funny beast,

Pain is far more private still.
Tragedy it is in many ways,
Whom do we question and who do we blame?
The madman who fired the shots ,
or the law that allowed the madman to have a gun?
Temples of learning and enlightenment,
turned to killing fields.
Whom do we question and who do we blame?
For all the Anger and Pain.

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Maneesh said...

It's too early to start talking about forgiving, but I just saw a young man speak about his anger towards his sister's killers in the Columbine massacre. He talked about how he was angry for so many years, and then finally forgave the killers, to release the prisoner of his anger, himself.