Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Strike now or forever hold your peace.

Those who have been following events in the Indian Sub continent, whould have realised the importance of recent developments namely the elimination of Balochi Nationalist(tribal warlord as per the Pakistani version) leader Nawab Akbar Bugti. Most of the material I have read suggests that this might prove a catalyst to the nationalist movement in Balochistan.
For India this would seem like a God sent.
For decades Pakistan has been exploiting the various fissures that exist within India. Not to say that India hasn't returned the compliment, but the sheer size and the disparate nature of its people means that there are a lot more fissures for Pakistan to exploit.
There will be those in the Indian leadership who will want to steer clear of this conflict. Their argument will be that India would lose the moral grounds on which it asks Pakistan to stop meddling in its aaffairs, stop arming terrorists etc.
To those people I have something to say. Make no mistake , all your moral posturing has yielded India no divedends. Insurgencies in India continue to rage along with regular terrorist strikes all which has happened with the Pakistani leaderships assistance. Even if geo-politically you do not see the case for an independent balochi state, do your utmost to exploit the situation.


Maneesh said...

u probably know about RAW, trust me, they must already have a plan for this. From my talks with a retired RAW guy some years ago in India, u'll be surprised at how much India is involved in counter-insurgency, and how much havoc we create in Pakistan :D

Payal said...

Maneesh is right in a way. BUT I think India is passive in it's approach as compared to Pakistan. I still think that during Kargil we should have gone out of the way, the way Israel treated Lebanon.