Monday, July 10, 2006

The head butt of the decade.

There is really no need to describe(or for that matter discuss) the Zidane head Butt on an Italian defender that ended in , France's greatest player(maybe all time with due respect to Platini) recieving a red card.
A lot of people including me immediately after the game , believed that Zidane had no business losing it, no matter what was said.
Is that entirely possible? Is it wise on the part of FIFA to come down hard on this offence when it has let so many others off?. When replays are available ther is a strange refusal on part of authorities to use them to administer justice.
I recall incidents in Australia where spectators who were found to be indulging in racial taunts against the visiting south africans were banned from the cricket, why apply different standards to the players themselves?
If Zidane's 'victim' did indeed use a racial slur(as is widely believed) he shouldn't be going unpunished. If the focus of this world cup has been on the reffereeing there is a reason for that. Instead of lamenting the fall in quality, FIFA would do better to apply more resources to see that games are played in the right spirit.


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